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    Starting Up?

    PCR Help Create and Grow Businesses

The success and growth of a new business can be dictated as much by its finances as the business idea itself. We can help to make sure that you get the finances right from the outset. 

We are expert business advisors and can provide vital advice for start ups and small businesses, giving them a solid financial base from which they can profit and grow. Our areas of particular expertise cover:

  • Cash flow management
  • Raising finance
  • Business plans
  • Sales ledger management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Credit control systems and advice

You may find it strange talking to a company such as PCR about starting up a business, but if you think about it, we have seen every mistake a business has ever made, seen market problems, governance and management failures and the effects of poor funding time and time again, and understand what a business needs to blossom. Making business better... that's what we do. 

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