• With your business from start up to exit

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    With your business from start up to exit

Most business failures can be attributed in whole or in part to a lack of working capital. Good cash flow management assists a business in:-

  • Operating within bank facilities; avoiding stressful conversations with lenders
  • Maintaining sufficient headroom to deal with slippage or the unexpected
  • Improving balance sheet ratios – enables/supports additional capital raising
  • Lowering costs to business as facilities not maximised – lower borrowing costs
  • Avoiding covenant breaches and therefore punitive fees

PCR advises businesses in all aspects of cash flow management, from small start-up businesses to mature SME’s. We can assist by:-

  • Reviewing current cash flow management procedures
  • Building a suitable and robust model for your businesses needs
  • Advising on easy “wins” that will provide you with short and medium term gains
  • Negotiating sustainable payments terms with key suppliers, stakeholders and landlords
  • If necessary negotiating Time To Pay arrangements with HMRC on your behalf


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